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& Decorative

Our range of alloys for the
fashion industry

Choosing Legor means choosing excellence, tradition and innovation in the world of master alloys for the fashion sector. Get inspired and discover how our master alloys can transform your work into cutting-edge fashion accessories.

Fashion Line

All that glitters need not be gold.

Joining Line

Seamless unions.

Our plating solutions formulated
for the fashion industry

Legor offers an extensive range of bespoke, brilliant and uniquely coloured finishes that allow you to reach new heights in the art of crafting decorative metal for fashion. The ideal choice for exalting the true essence of fashion through accessories that epitomize both elegance and style.


The secret to flawless plating.


Reawaken the beauty of precious metals.

Strike and Flash Gold

The elegance of gold plating

Gold Thickness

Golden hues.

White Finishing

Limitless lustre.

Black Finishing

From grey to the deepest black for durability without equal.

Non Precious Metals

For preparing surfaces precious metals.

Paints and top coats

Outstanding resistance, unsurpassed colours.