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The new nickel-free flash gold process with cyanide-free binding metals

With the aim to ensure the safety of the plating operator and reduce the environmental impact of flash gold production process, Legor has developed FLASHGOLD-EVO, the new nikel and cyanide-free flash gold process that has been conceived for decorative purposes.

This customizable gold flash electrolytic system has been conceived for decorative purposes and designed to be completely free from any cyanide-based chemical complex related to the bonding metals in the solution, in order to meet the consumers and market needs.

In addition, the operator is free to formulate the ready-to-use bath at will, thereby obtaining any color of the deposited gold – with guaranteed uniformity – simply by adding the quantities of the necessary binding metals in the make-up.

Main features
Golden and safe Give an incomparable gilding to your jewels and fashion accessories, without cyanides and nickel free.
  • Improved uniformity in color deposition over a wider current density range
  • Easy-to-use also with barrel application system
  • Total absence of cyanides in the binding metals
  • Nickel-free
  • Constant volume of the bath
  • 24-karat color more similar to pure gold color
  • Three times more concentrated make-up
  • Suitable for frame and barrel applications

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