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A family history


In the spring of 1979, an indefatigable 40-year-old middle school teacher agrees to help a friend out in his business: this involves assisting him in the artisanal production of master alloys to be used by goldsmiths, and in particular supporting him in sales and the analysis of market needs.

This pioneering business idea was established at a particularly fortuitous moment for the goldsmith district in the town of Vicenza. But it was his desire to help that has created this success story – a story defined by his deeply held values and principles.

Gianni Poliero, that middle school teacher, is today Honorary President of Legor.

It’s a genuine family narrative that has involved first and foremost Teresa, his wife, and subsequently his children, all of whom have been inspired by Gianni’s entrepreneurial flair. A family team that has seen each member dedicate themselves over time to the growth of the Group, with a firm focus on international, responsible development.

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