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Legor Lab

The blending of expertise, experience and commitment to research

We have a cutting-edge laboratory for conducting Research and Development, providing technical assistance to customers and carrying out quality control.

Legor’s R&D Team, comprising 9 people, gives depth and balance to our expertise in the field of metallurgy and chemistry. The dedicated team ensures meticulous control of every stage of product development, from base metal to final plating layer, to guarantee we meet the highest and most rigorous international standards the world of Fashion and Luxury demands.

Our Services

Legor Lab is equipped with the very highest-tech instruments that allow us to conduct in-depth research, develop new products and processes, and offer first-rate assistance.

Quality Control

Our analytical activities include chemical testing to verify the presence of the components specified in the technical data sheet and guarantee the absence of impurities. It’s a practice that the Legor Lab conducts routinely to guarantee the characteristics and quality of our products.

Technical Assistance

Among the most significant advantages that sets Legor apart is our ability to offer customers continuous assistance aimed at maximizing product performance and preventing problems beyond the customer’s control. The Legor Lab is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, dedicated exclusively to the needs of our customers, assuring you of our constant assistance, combined with the expertise of our first-rate technical support team.

Research and Development

Through our continuous commitment to Research and Development, we transform experimental concepts into realities. These guide in our development of new alloys and plating solutions featuring specific properties and formulations. Additionally, thanks to the wide range of products we offer, we are also able to perfect existing ones, thus guaranteeing a product offering that is always cutting edge.

Partnerships with research bodies and universities

We’ve always believed that forming partnerships with universities and research bodies is essential for developing new technologies in the fields of metallurgy and chemicals. It helps innovate approaches to analytical and production processes, and provides opportunities for training and the updating skills.

It’s an immensely valuable partnership that promotes innovation, provides access to resources and accelerates technological development. The alliance allows us to address complex challenges, generate advanced knowledge and translate it into concrete solutions that can lead to benefits for both businesses and the wider society.