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Cathodic electrodeposition paint resin

EASYCOATPRO is a concentrated resin that allows the preparation of transparent ready-to-use cathodic electrodeposition paints, specifically designed for large-scale production.

This resin has been developed and formulated with the purpose of eliminating the undesirable “orange peel” defect that typically occurs when treating large, flat surfaces, thanks to its high leveling power.

The paint thickness that this resin is capable of achieving falls within the range of 5 to 35 microns, while remaining completely transparent, invisible, and imperceptible to the touch

The revolution in cathodic electrocoating
  • Absence of the typical “orange peel” defects on large, flat surfaces
  • Stable and resistant to metallic contamination
  • Achievable thicknesses imperceptible to the naked eye and touch (up to 35 microns)
  • Compliant with REACH & OSHA requirements
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Smooth, pore-free deposition
  • Facilitates paint spreading on large flat surfaces
  • Preserves paint color over time (anti-yellowing system)
  • Environmentally and operator-safe

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