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White and nickel free bronzing for your fashion accessories

To meet the needs of fashion houses and improve the offer of nickel free finishes, Legor has created the Vega Family white bronzing process.

Thanks to its long experience, Legor is able to guarantee that the process is easy and quick to use (1 micron in 3/4 minutes), with constant performance over time, and in compliance with the most strict regulations on harmful chemical materials. Its simplicity of application is also ensured by the expertise of the Legor Team, that is constantly available to its customers in order to satisfy all their needs.

Main features
Safe and reliableThe white bronzing process compliant with the regulations and your skin
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to use
  • Process reliability for a quality white color without spots
  • Continuity guarantee (5 million shots)
  • 1000 kg guaranteed by the process
  • High deposit rate
  • Compliant with regulations on harmful chemicals
  • Performing

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