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Legor opens its doors to students from the Boscardin Institute for the PMI DAY – Industriamoci initiative

This year, we welcomed students from a class at a local school, specifically from the Biotechnology department of the Boscardin Institute, following our participation in the PMI DAY – Industriamoci initiative organized by Confindustria.

PMI DAY is an initiative aimed at spreading awareness about the productive reality of businesses, the opportunities they can offer, and their daily commitment to growth, through direct experience in the company and interaction with its protagonists.

The theme of this edition is Freedom: a foundational value of society, a right to defend, ensure, and respect, but also a responsibility towards others and the common good. It serves as a driving force for research, innovation, and economic growth, providing young people with the opportunity to choose and build their own future. In this context, the company is ready to welcome them, multiplying the value of freedom, which must be considered a space to be conquered but also expanded within a framework of rules, which are also part of the corporate culture.

It was a day that allowed the involved youth to get to know our manufacturing reality and understand our commitment to sustainable growth with a constant focus on innovation. During the visit on Friday, November 17th, the students showed curiosity, engagement, and were impressed by the passion with which each person recounted their profession, journey, and area of work and development.