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Legor awaits you at VicenzaOro – T.Gold 2024 with plenty of novelties: from brand identity to products, encompassing sustainability

The new year is almost upon us and, as usual, VicenzaOro – T.Gold is backfrom January 19th to 23rdLegor certainly could not miss this event of international standing, which brings together the entire goldsmith and jewelry sector and the producers of technologies and solutions at its service. 

Our history is synonymous with TRANSFORMATION. An intrinsic concept within Legor since its inception: since 1979, we’ve been transforming metals, combining our expertise, technology, and passion. We continue to evolve, adapting to market changes and growth opportunities for our partners. Moreover, we constantly evolve as individuals, caring for ourselves, others, and the world we live in. 

Following this approach, numerous novelties will be unveiled through the brand-new Legor stand. It symbolizes our renewed corporate image and serves as a heartfelt thank you to our invaluable partners. Thanks to their essential contributions, we proudly celebrate our first 45 years in 2024. It’s been an extensive, extraordinary, and collective journey, driven by innovation, quality, and mutual trust. Our booth won’t just be a meeting place; it’ll also stand as a symbol of our identity and the values it embodies, showcasing new products and the Legor 3D Metal Hub. 

Regarding its Responsibility path, Legor adds a piece to its value proposition: becoming a Benefit Company and solidifying the partnership with Refimet, an RJC and CoC certified company of which PH Investments (Legor Group’s holding) acquired 74% in 2023. Thanks to this synergy, Legor can offer its clients a complete service: from the recovery and refining of precious metals mainly from e-waste and industrial scrap, ensuring 100% recycling, to their subsequent conversion into finished products such as alloys and plating solutions. 

As for products, there’s room for the perfect combination of the finest alloys and plating solutions designed, on one hand, for the jewelry and luxury world – including gold master alloys, ready-to-use 950‰ Platinum alloys, Silver alloys, and gilding solutions like Strike, Flash, and thickness, Platinum and Rhodium baths, and the new two-tone cyanide-free galvanic coating process, Ecoluxepavé – and on the other hand, for the fashion industry with ready-to-use ECO Brass and Bronze, and solutions like Antiqua for vintage effects, and ULTRABLACK for intense black accessories. 

Lastly, there’s a focus on the Legor 3D Metal Hub: an innovative center dedicated to the experimentation and production of jewelry, fashion accessories, and more using precious metal powders and beyond, introducing the market to the new and revolutionary Binder Jet 3D Metal Printing technology. 

Legor awaits you at VicenzaOro T.Gold, Hall 9, Booth 160.