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Novità di prodotto, innovazione e metalli preziosi 100% da fonti riciclate sbarcano a EPHJ

Experiencing the products first-hand and getting to know Legor news in person is now possible thanks to EPHJ, the exhibition dedicated to watchmaking, jewelry and other industries in the sector, currently held in Geneva until June 17th.

Legor’s experts in alloys and plating solutions will be present to talk about all the innovations developed in the last months inside the R&D laboratory. Among the many products displayed, we find the Gold Line, alloys for 750 gold, such as NF511, a nickel-free palladium-based formulation, able to guarantee a brilliant white color to finished objects, OR316U, perfect for obtaining objects with a color between pink and red and A183N, a formulation dedicated to yellow gold.

Discover a wide range of colors… and metals!

Not just gold, at EPHJ Legor presents, for the second year in a row, SILNOVA, a silver alloy comparable to 9 kt white gold, more resistant to oxidation than standard sterling silver without any plating treatment and with a white and bright unique color, perfect for the watchmaking and high jewelery industry.

And what about plating? Let’s not forget the solutions dedicated to platinum and ruthenium, such as PTLUX and PTPURE, two platinum-based solutions, able to guarantee a color similar to rhodium without being penalized by the ever-increasing price that the precious metal has suffered in recent years.

Finally, we find RU5BLACK-X, the extra-black ruthenium by Legor.

But it doesn’t stop there: the real news of these products is that the precious metals contained in them are from 100% recycled sources.

Legor Group SPA is, to date, the first and only company in the metallurgical and chemical field serving the goldsmith, silversmith and fashion accessory sectors able to certify that its alloys, powders and plating solutions are made only with precious metals from 100% recycled sources.

You will therefore find the word “Magic 5” next to Legor products on display: these are Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium, the 5 precious heroes for responsible sourcing.

And these are just some of the solutions you’ll find. To learn about the full range of Legor alloys and plating solutions, visit or fill out the form here below!