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VicenzaOro – T.Gold 2024: an edition to celebrate 45 years of precious connections

The spotlight are turned off on the 70th edition of VicenzaOro – T.Gold, an international event dedicated to the jewelry industry that this year saw a higher number of participants compared to the January 2023 edition.

As usual, Legor brought its mark of innovation into the T.Gold hall, unveiling the novelties announced in the weeks leading up to the event, starting with the brand-new booth, which served as an interesting showcase for the company’s identity and values. In its uniqueness, the booth was experienced both as an exhibition space to discover products, and as a symbolic space to create new contacts and strengthen relationships with customers and partners.

On one hand, the protagonists were undoubtedly our precious metal alloys and plating solutions, presented in perfect combinations designed to meet the needs of the jewelry and luxury world, and also the needs of the fashion industry. A dedicated area was reserved for the 3D Metal Hub, the innovative center for experimenting and producing jewelry, fashion accessories, and more, using precious metal powders, as well as non-precious metals, – like steel, bronze, silver, and platinum – introducing the new and revolutionary 3D Metal Jet Printing technology.

Going beyond the products, this edition of VicenzaOro T.Gold was a very special occasion for meeting and sharing, even more significant for the important milestone celebrated this year: the 45th anniversary of Legor’s founding.

A milestone that we were able to celebrate together with those who helped us reach it, both during the days of the exhibition and at the gala dinner organized on Sunday 21st. An evening that paid tribute to the irreplaceable value of human relationships, highlighted by the presentation of the book “Invaluable Connections”, written by Alessandro Zaltron: a direct testimony by Gianni Poliero, founder and honorary chairman of Legor, which celebrates the value of human connections and experiences that over time have merged inextricably with the company history.

Because the materials we work with every day are extraordinary, but the relationships with our partners are even more precious.

Thank you all!

Legor, extraordinary matter