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Invisible protection

T-FENDER is a family of chemical passivation agents developed for metallic substrates which naturally have poor corrosion resistance. Some of these substrates include silver, low karat gold and some electroplated layers.
By applying the T-FENDER products to these metals, oxidation (tarnish) resistance is dramatically elevated by providing an invisible layer, which seals the substrate form external elements.

Invisible protection for precious and non-precious metals
  • Excellent protection from oxidization (tarnish)
  • No physical alteration to treated surface
  • Dual application possible: with or without current
  • Chromium and heavy metal free
  • Suitable for protecting various metals and surface layers
  • Transparent
  • High protection from hydrogen sulfide, UV radiationand humidity
  • A basso impatto ambientale
  • Easy to use

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