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The New Rhodium and Platinum Plating Process for Jewelry and Watches

Rhodiens is the innovative electroplating process composed of Rhodium and Platinum for flash applications, providing unparalleled white and brilliant finishing to jewelry and watches. This ensures both ease of use for the operator and exceptionally high resistance to tarnishing for the consumer. In more technical terms, Rhodiens is a plating deposition process that produces glossy deposits of a Platinum-Rhodium alloy. Due to its aesthetic and physicochemical characteristics, the Platinum-Rhodium alloy obtained with Rhodiens proves to be an excellent alternative to traditional Rhodium plating or Platinum plating, serving as a final layer for a bright white coloration.

Main features
For unrivaled brilliance
  • Made with 100% recycled precious metals
  • White and brilliant deposit
  • High resistance to tarnishing
  • Greater brightness compared to pure Palladium
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for small baths

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