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White, 100% from recycled sources, cost-effective

Recently the goldsmith industry has had to face an increase in the prices of Rhodium and Palladium. Legor always focus special attention to market changes and trends. This is why from Legor cutting-edge R&D laboratory, here is PTLUX: a new galvanic process that allows the electrodeposition of platinum in an alloy with a minor percentage of Ruthenium.

PTLUX has been created with the aim of obtaining a precious finish, even whiter than pure platinum, at a lower price than Rhodium and less subject to market fluctuations.

Main features
White and shining
The new plating process for a precious finish, whiter than pure platinum
  • Ready to use product
  • From 100% recycled sources
  • Good performance as intermediate layer
  • Process stability
  • Stable and whiter color than pure platinum and pure palladium
  • Cost saving
  • Easy to use

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