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Nano-ceramic colored e-coating

KLIAR Line includes a wide range of colored paints for e-coating, enhanced with nano-ceramic particles, for decorative purposes and suitable for most metallic substrates.

These particles make the coating more abrasion-resistant than traditional coatings, and they provide a metallic sensation to the touch.

KLIAR nano-ceramic coatings also allow for major improvements in resistance to both UV light and corrosion, hence passing the most used standardized normative testing.

Colors range from red to turquoise, and even purple, among many others.

Colors, creativity and protection for every surface
  • Nanoceramic colored e-coating
  • 5-15 micron of thickness
  • Applicable on various types of substrates
  • Wide range of colors
  • Suitable for every type of metal, with or without stones
  • Extensive selection of color options
  • UV light resistance
  • High tarnishing resistance
  • Customized colorations

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