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The cyanide-free two-tone pavé coating process for sparkling chains

ECOLUXPAVÈ is the new Cyanide-free two-tone pavé coating process designed to create luminous chains with white and yellow gold coloration.

It adopts an eco-friendly approach to luxury: thanks to its cyanide-free formulation, ECOLUXPAVÈ is safe for the environment and operators, and, due to its room-temperature operation, with resulting reduced processing times and energy savings, it enhances the production process.

Embrace two-tone brilliance with ECOLUXPAVÈ: the sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your gold chains.

Main features
Cyanide-free two-tone brilliance
Illuminate your creations with a harmonious mix of white and yellow gold.
  • Cyanide-free for increased protection of the operator and the environment
  • Process reliability
  • Room temperature operation
  • Increased productivity through reduced processing times
  • Cost-saving

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