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The new family of red alloys for timeless jewellery of refined elegance

The new Legor family of red alloys is inspired by Antares: one of the brightest and most famous stars from the constellation of Scorpius, it’s famous for having a distinctly reddish hue, which is very similar to Mars. A star that’s as old as the tradition of crafting jewellery from red gold, which has been widely used for many centuries for its ornamental qualities.

Antares represents the culmination of extensive work conducted by the Legor R&D Team. Their unwavering dedication and research has resulted in the development of this new family of alloys featuring an intense red hue, created from a perfect blend of Copper and Silver, which lends jewellery an elegance that’s as distinctive as it is timeless.

Main features
intense lustrous red hue Add a unique touch of elegance to your jewellery
  • Created using precious metals from 100% recycled sources
  • Intense lustrous red colour
  • Enhanced durability, meaning less prone to breaking
  • Improved production process ensures a more stable end product
  • Suitable for investment casting (without stones) and mechanical working processes

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