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950‰ Platinum alloys in ready-to-use drops for perfect, bright white jewellery

The name of the new family of 950‰ Platinum alloys in ready-to-use drops is inspired by one of the brightest constellations of the universe: Andromeda, which in turn recalls the Greek myth of the princess with the same name. Just as this group of stars give shape the letter “A”, also Platinum, now offered by Legor in granular format, contributes to the creation of new perfect bright white jewellery.

Andromeda is the latest innovation from Legor that, thanks to its granular format, allows jewellery manufacturers to create pieces more easily right from the first use. Compared to the plate format, drops are easier to weigh and allow for a higher load volume, as well as a 20% reduction in casting time, thus ensuring higher productivity and less pollution of the alloy.

Main features
platinum revolution in drops To create brighter jewellery while optimising productivity
  • Easier to weigh and use
  • +25% load volume for increased productivity
  • 20% reduction in casting time
  • Less alloy pollution after casting
  • High performance in terms of hardness and colour
  • With precious metals from 100% recycled sources

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