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Legor among the 2022 Champions Companies

The history of Legor – combined with its remarkable growth over the years – has been recognized by the prestigious survey carried out for Economy of Corriere della Sera by ItalyPost Study Center, thus classifying it among the 1,000 Italian 2022 Champions Companies.

The ranking is the result of an analysis carried out on the financial statements filed by the best Italian companies in the revenue segment between 20 and 120 million, in the period between 2014 and 2020, recording an average growth of 8.69%.

An achievement that rewards a history in which passion, tradition, innovation and attention to people and Planet are connected and characterizes an identity with more than 40 years behind it.

An important recognition, which led CEO Massimo Poliero to participate as a lecturer at the exclusive meeting of the Meet the Champions 2022 tour – last July 15 – promoted by ItalyPost, in collaboration with L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, at the headquarters of CUOA. An interesting moment of mutual exchange of experiences in the name of an increasingly dynamic synergy between the players in the area.

This prestigious achievement rewards our company and the ongoing commitment of the entire Legor team, with a view to an increasingly sustainable development.” – says Massimo Poliero, CEO of Legor – “We are proud to be part of this ranking that encourages us to continue in our business, as well as in our path to become B-Corp and Carbon Positive.