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Legor opens its doors to students for the “PMI DAY – Industriamoci” initiative

Last Friday, November 18, we opened the doors of Legor to the students of a 5th class of the IPSIA F. LAMPERTICO of Vicenza – mechanical specialization, following the adhesion to the “PMI DAY – Industriamoci” initiative, organized by Confindustria.

PMI DAY is an initiative designed to help spread awareness of the productive reality of companies, the opportunities they can offer and their daily commitment to growth, through a moment of direct experience in the company and meeting with its protagonists.

The theme of the 2022 edition is beauty understood as the beauty of Italian know-how, as an expression of the skills, values ​​and culture that we find in the production of goods and services by companies.

A day that let the young people involved get to know our manufacturing reality and understand our commitment to sustainable growth with an eye always on innovation. An important day to convey the value of work, the importance and beauty of undertaking, of transforming an idea into a project and a project into a concrete result, of assuming responsibility even beyond the company gates and of “doing together” to share knowledge and new goals.