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Legor supporting a triennial project about formation and education in Uganda

It’s been years that Legor acts for social, economical and environmental sustainability: it started with a gradual reduction of waste and emissions, continuing with the use of recycled materials from certified resources, to actions that improve the economic support towards local communities and sportive associations of the area.

Today Legor adds an important piece sustaining a triennial educational project in Uganda – from 2023 until 2025 – founding a renewal for two scholastic buildings, and the purchase of educational materials needed during the lessons. 

The project – that is part of Legor’s 2023 Responsibility Plan – was redacted by Nzarth Family’s missionary work that had begun in 2010 with the construction of Mbarara city’s church. To follow, in the same city, in 2016 two schools arose: the Elementary one “Maria ow’Embabazi P / S ” and the innovative secondary and work apprenticeship school St. Joseph voc. sec. school Nyamityobora”, that provides professional qualifications to the students (with courses like tailoring, hairdressing, plumbing, welding, masonry and carpentry). The educational establishment today counts no fewer than 1500 students that live in the building, and that are provided by more than the only instruction: they have access to all the necessary meals.

That’s a route that Legor proudly supports, since the contribution in activities like this one can help concretely, and on the other side creates synergies between profit and no profit realities that can benefit community and territory too. An inherent Legor’s commit that this year got officialized by the earned title of “Benefit Society ”; adding this way the new goal of public and official commitment of generating a positive impact on biosphere and society, to the profit ones.