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Legor Group: Celebrating the Sporting Spirit with ASD A.S.P.E.A. Padova Onlus

Legor is excited to announce its participation as a sponsor at the Suds European Championship, an international sports tournament organized with passion by ASD A.S.P.E.A. Padova Onlus. This sports association is dedicated to promoting sports as a tool for social inclusion and community integration.

The Suds European Championship, which involved teams from all over Europe, represents a tangible demonstration of how sports can bring people together and promote positive values. The closing ceremony will take place on September 9th at 7:30 PM at the “Daciano Cobalchini” Stadium in Padova, and Legor is proud to be associated with such a noble initiative. This event celebrates the success of the tournament and ASD A.S.P.E.A. Padova Onlus’s commitment to promoting sports and social well-being in our community.