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Integrated report 2021

Sustainable Impact:
Data and Trends

Mission and Vision

To be the world leader in the precious metal’s science serving jewellery, fashion and electroplating-industrial sectors, mastering supply chain and production processes with focus on Sustainability.

We pioneer new technologies and transform metals into best-in-class alloys, powders and plating solutions. We unveil metals’ peculiar, stellar qualities and empower our Customers to shape ideas into fascinating creations.

We are committed to sustainable innovation and knowledge sharing, and thanks to inventiveness, teamwork, competence, individual responsibility and customers’ care we build long-term partnerships for a mutual growth.


Worldwide gold jewels produced with LEGOR alloys


Worldwide jewels and fashion accessory items treated with LEGOR plating solutions


Worldwide dealers


Group employees



Environment and planet

QualityEnvironment and Safety: these are three fundamental and pervasive aspects in Legor in an overall perspective of Responsibility towards People and the Planet.

Green energy
90% from certified renewable sources
10% from photovoltaic plant (since 2014)

Trees Equivalent       5589
Barrels of Oil saved   758

Air emission analysis were carried both in 2020 and 2021, the results stated total compliance to legal limits

Over 90% water reuse into our process thanks to specific plant built in 2019



Trees Equivalent
Barrels of Oil saved

Total production of Waste by disposal destination

“All precious metals used by Legor Group S.p.A. are 100% RJC CoC compliant and 100% from recycled sources (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium).”

Social and People

People trend by function

28% women in 2021

35% in 2020

38,6 average age in 2021

38,5 in 2020

3370 hours of training in 2021

3660 in 2020


Safe Days
(Days without incidents)

100% People involved in Safety training and exercise
7 Near miss recorded and solved during 2021


RJC Annual Report

LEGOR GROUP S.P.A and Legor Group South East Asia have carried out a due diligence towards their relevant business partners in order to verify any deviation from the OECD guidelines and furthermore no human rights risks have been detected. The transactions considered are low risk and the checks carried out comply with the RJC principles.

0% Material sourced from
Conflict areas or High Risk areas (CAHRAS)