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Legor chooses Alisea’s AQUA pen to write the extraordinary

For Legor, Responsibility, towards the Planet and its inhabitants, is an intrinsic value of its identity. 

To convey its commitment towards sustainability through an object of daily use, Legor has chosen AQUA, the recycled PET pen by Alisea from Vicenza. 

Choosing Alisea – Benefit company and B Corp that transforms waste into products with an innovative design – means becoming a partner of a local company with which we share principles and values ​​in order to achieve common goals, for the benefit of future generations. 

Only together, only by doing business ethically, we can create something extraordinary, even starting from small daily gestures, such as writing with the AQUA pen that comes from the recovery of a 500 ml plastic bottle. 

Aqua is the result of an entirely Italian ethical chain, where all the partners – from carriers and material processors, to producers and distributors – share the same philosophy and the same mission: attention to environment and people for a truly sustainable future. An approach that reflects the one of Legor, that since 2021 it has been able to guarantee the integrity of the production chain and document every single step, thanks to the CoC – Chain of Custody certification, issued by RJC – Responsible Jewelery Council.