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Legor wins the BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD 2020/2021 

Legor has reached a new important milestone! We have won the BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD 2020/2021 for the Best Performing Medium Company category, an annual award dedicated to Italian companies that stand out for their excellence in creating economic, technological, human, social and environmental value by SDA Bocconi School of Management.

The theme of the 2021-22 edition was « Perform, merit and training to grow responsibly », emphasizing the importance of combining the valorization of human capital with sustainable development strategies. And the winning companies have resulted in line with this perspective: after an extensive evaluation on the data of 900,000 companies throughout the entire Italian territory, the final choice was between 73 participants and 18 finalists, from which the 5 category winners were selected.

The companies that won the 2021-22 edition are:

  • Iren S.p.A., per la categoria Best Performer of the Year
  • MerMec S.p.A, per la categoria Best Performing Large Company
  • Legor S.p.A., per la categoria Best Performing Medium Company
  • Wiit S.p.A., Best Performing Small Company
  • Fine Foods & Pharmaceutical, per la categoria Hot Topic