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Legor: first place in the « Best Performer of the Circular Economy 2022 » competition in the Large Manufacturing Enterprises category

For Legor, Responsibility is an ethical choice rooted in its DNA since its birth in 1979. A choice that has once again been rewarded.

Legor is proud to have won the « Best Performer of the Circular Economy 2022 » competition – promoted by Confindustria with the support of 4.Manager and in collaboration with Enel X and Eni -, and to have been recognized as First Place in the Large Manufacturing Enterprises category, following the evaluation of the Technical-Scientific Committee (CTS), which unanimously decreed the worth of the path undertaken and the value proposition offered.

The competition, now in its fourth edition, was created to collect and disseminate Circular Economy projects and initiatives undertaken by companies, in order to enhance those that – over the last three years 2020-2022 – have most been able to grasp the spirit and business opportunities offered by the circular economic model for the various phases of the production cycle.

With a view to the transition towards increasingly « circular » logics, since 2021, Legor is in fact able to guarantee the integrity, transparency and traceability of the production chain and, consequently, to document every single step, thanks to the certification CoC (Chain of Custody), issued by the RJC. Furthermore, since September 2021, Legor Group has been among the first companies in the metallurgical and chemical sector serving the gold, silver and fashion accessory sectors able to certify, through the Provenance Claim and the RJC Chain-of-Custody, that its alloys, powders and galvanic solutions are made only with precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) 100% from recycled sources and inserted within the Chain of Custody.

This is an ethical position taken by Legor, which in order to broaden its value proposition, is now also starting to work on the supply of non-precious metals from 100% recycled sources through UNI EN ISO 14021:2021 certification.

The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday 13 December in Rome.

An important recognition that pushes Legor to continue spreading the importance of responsible supply, in order to generate greater awareness and also guide the choices of end users towards products made with metals coming from a circular economy.