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Glossary: alloys

MASTER ALLOY: an alloy produced in drop form that must be added to the fine metal (gold, silver or other precious metals) for the production of jewelry at title.  

Gold and silver, used as pure metals, do not allow to obtain jewels that stand up under wear and tear, or which have a high level of mechanical resistance or easy processing. Master alloys are the answer to specific and increasingly complex productive requirements. The term master alloy is understood as a particular category of non-ferrous alloy (metallic materials made up of several metals), primarily of copper, silver, nickel and zinc. The right master alloy, containing grain refiners and deoxidizers, improves the characteristics of a jewel, such as colour, hardness, mechanical resistance, processability and resistance to oxidation. The variety of these parameters justifies the large number of formulations available in the Legor Group range of products. This translates into an obvious advantage from the operational point of view and to optimisation of the final product.


An alloy at title that allows, without further addition of precious metals, the hallmarking of a final product in the legal title requested by the customer.


A kind of master alloy for gold, that contains deoxidizers and grain ry.efiners but that has to be completed with gold and silver in order to proceed to production of jewelry.