Concentrated version of white rhodium at 1gr/L

Sold in 100 ml bottles

Given the particular characteristics of the product, Legor offers a specific brightener in combination with the bath: BRIGHTRT


Normally rhodium is sold at 2gr/L ready-to-use. Today, given the high economic value of rhodium, we give the possibility to rhodium users to buy a product containing only 1 gr of rhodium, so that the initial investment is halved upon a halved productivity.  


  • At the current market conditions, the possibility of a lower INITIAL investment
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the brightener in addition to the rhodium
  • Even though the cathodic efficiency is lower than the standard 2 gr/L rhodium one, given by the presence of a contained number of organics, the output is still satisfactory, allowing the user to work at ambient temperature
  • Working at a lower rhodium concentration, there are less bath dragging consumption problems. This, in addition to the low speed deposition, leads to a more accurate consumption control