NF642 - ALL-PURPOSE 750‰


Our R&D department is always looking to develop solutions to anticipate market demands by innovating our offer. By being a player in the precious metals market and facing the challenges of current rallying prices, we are well aware and focused on finding solutions for issues like the price of palladium, visible on traditional Ni-free alloys.
Today we are happy to announce the release of NF642: in order to fight the increase on the palladium price that is affecting high Pd-based formulations like NF511, we worked on substituting palladium with a compatible element that is also more stable in pricing, such as platinum, without renouncing to the desirable characteristics in the final product.  


  • Remarkable reduction in the alloy cost: thanks to diminished content of Pd compared to NF511, the new NF642 reduces greatly the cost of the alloy on the final jewel, of a percentage that we can calculate to be of 18% less on the base of today’s metals price. This is done by substituting 22% of Pd with Platinum as an alloy element
  • The color remains on premium white level (YI 18,4). This is a very interesting value, when compared to NF511(YI 17)
  • Similar hardness and similar process characteristics are retained. Thermal properties of the alloy are very similar to those of NF511, having a solidus/liquidus points of 1010/1100°C (compared to 1020-1080°C of NF511)
  • The total content of precious elements in the alloy is the same accepted nowadays by most luxury brands (52% total content between Pd and Pt)