Additive: white paste for e-coating - available in 1 Kg and 5 Kg packaging


NIVAL is a white paste to be used in addition to compatible coating baths, transforming the coating from transparent to opaque. When added to a transparent coating bath, the deposit is modified from transparent to a vivid FLAT glossy white color. But you can use it with KLIAR colors too!


  • A one-of-a-kind product, unique in the market
  • Very versatile: it can be used in addition to a colored KLIAR to obtain flat, not transparent, colors. This is because KLIAR e-coatings, when used alone, give a transparent effect, meaning that the metal underneath remains perceivable. Or you can decide to make it matte with the addition of our matte additive
  • NIVAL makes the layer achieve an important thickness up to 40 micron, this helps supporting subsequent layering or other means of mechanical deformation such as diamond cutting on top
  • Abrasion resistance test compliant


KLIAR is the wide range of Legor colored cataphoretic paints for surface treatment, suitable for coating of metal items and compliant to the strictest regulations required by Fashion Accessories specifications.
The secret? The nanoceramic particles, invisible to the eye, contained in the coating make it more resistant to abrasion compared to traditional solutions, in order to obtain a translucent color and a metallic sensation to the touch.
If, instead of a translucid color, the designer wants to obtain a flat effect, NIVAL can be added to KLIAR COLOR.
At the same time, for a matte effect, the MATTE additive can be added to the recipe.
Experiment our range of colors and effects!

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