Our line of alloys for nickel-free production of white gold is even closer to your needs. All guaranteeing a title of 130‰ Pd in the 750‰ gold alloy, and different tuning of the formulations aimed to satisfy all processing needs. Check below for more information!


Color shade: premium white (YI 17.1)

Formulation: Pd 53%, Ag 0%

Hardness (as cast/after age-hardening 450ºC x 90'): 160 HV / 210 HV


  • Best selling, all-purpose formulation
  • It joins high as cast hardness with good age-hardenability
  • Excellent for casting in closed systems and CNC milling
  • Relatively low processing temperatures (liquidus temperature: 1080ºC)


Color shade: standard white (YI 19.1)

Formulation: Pd 53%, Ag 16%

Hardness (as cast/after age-hardening 450ºC x 90'): 120 HV / 130 HV


  • All-purpose formulation
  • Designed specifically for processes requesting softness and high deformability
  • Slightly higher temperatures than NF511 (liquidus temperature: 1125ºC)


Color shade: premium white (YI 18.1)

Formulation: Pd 53%, Ag 4%

Hardness (as cast/after age-hardening 450ºC x 90'): 140 HV / 155 HV


  • Deoxidized formulation
  • Specific for casting in open and closed systems. Can be used on thermally resistant stones to use stone-in-place casting technique
  • Temperatures similar to NF511 (liquidus temperature: 1105ºC)

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